Volunteer Day

Come for a day and experience life on a trueworking organic farm.  As the old adage goes many hands makes light work.    Come and see the farm at any time of the year and meet new people from the community or folks passing through.  Most importantly help us make this endeavor fruitful.

Although some work on a farm is skilled and can only be done by those who are trained there are many jobs that can be taught quickly.  Depending on the time of year you may find yourself planting transplants, thinning carrots, harvesting tomatoes, or weeding!  We will try our best to have a diversity of tasks each volunteer day, not just hours of weeding or other laborious tasks! 



How it Works

Volunteer day is each Tuesday from 8-12.  We will take a break during which we will do a brief tour.  Lunch will be served at noon, and then you are done or you can go for a swim in the pond or a walk around the farm.  Please let us know of any dietary concerns we are happy making vegetarian food, gluten free, vegan etc.  Please contact us by Sunday night so we can plan to have enough food and the right jobs for the crew size.  We appreciate you being there the whole time if possible.  We understand that farm work can be demanding so please let us know if you have any special needs so we can create tasks to accommodate all of those who wish to volunteer.   For all of those who volunteer we will have veggies and flowers for sale after lunch at a discounted rate.  If you are looking for lots of something please let us know so we can have it harvested. 

The Goal

The goal of the Zephyros farm volunteer day is to introduce people to our farm and to farm work.  It is an opportunity for those who want to experience a day in the life of a farm to get their hands in the dirt.  We want people to ask lots of questions and learn as much as they can, or just have a good conversation and a laugh over some bindweed. 


A hat, a water bottle, sunscreen, gloves (tight fitting are better), sunglasses or any other clothes you will need for the weather.  Bring a swimsuit if you are interested in swimming in the pond afterwards.  Bring a good attitude to do some hard work.  Also bring a snack.  Kids are welcomed and not expected to work hard the whole time but we do encourage them to be involved at least in some way.  Please let us know the age of the kid(s) so we can incorporate them to the best of our ability. 

Do not bring

Please leave your dog at home.  We do have farm animals that do not always take to being in the mouth of a strange dog.  Also, it tends to make the owner distracted, and dogs have a tendency to walk all over the plants.  Thanks for your understanding. 

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