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Zephyros Farm and Garden Weekly Flower CSA

Posted 5/29/2017 3:18pm by Don Lareau & Daphne Yannakakis.

Hello Everyone and Happy Memorial Day,

We are excited to share some of the beauty of the farm with you and yours!

Things are getting mighty gorgeous around here. We have plenty in bloom; Poppies, Peonies, Calendula, Cerinthe, Bells of Ireland, Cosmos, Stock, Foxglove and much more. Sweet peas and Snapdragons are starting to bloom. We have so much excitement for the many varieties, fragrances, and colors that will soon grace us with their presence. We are sad to announce that many of our poor peonies were snapped in the spring snowstorm. It was pretty, but the wet, weighty snow is not our favorite springtime visitor. Luckily you will each have a peony included with a mix of other fabulous flowers in this week's bouquet.

Thank you so much for your participation in our weekly flower CSA. We enjoy making fresh, beautiful bouquets for you.

A few tips to keep your flowers happy and extend their vase life:

Make sure you use a very clean vase. Clean water is vital. Change the water when you can. Trimming the stems during each change is also recommended. It's going to be a hot summer- remember that your flowers will not appreciate the heat or direct sunlight.

Pickup instructions:

If your pickup location is Delicious Orchards, please swing by during business hours and ask the great staff there to fetch your bouquet from the cooler. They will want your name.

At Zephyros you can come by and grab one bouquet from the buckets on the right inside of the cooler, it is the cooler on the left. Please cross your name off on the chalkboard and enjoy your flowers!

If, (at any point in the season) you cannot pick up your arrangement, please feel free to gift it to someone! Have them come pick up and cross off your name.

Much appreciated,

The Z Farm Team


Zephyros Farm and Garden

11466 3725 Rd.

Paonia, Co. 81428



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